By Tech Maven Geospatial

  • Easy to use and extremely robust
  • Affordable
  • Powerful and Fast with optimized process and fast vector tile basemap
  • No Back-end Service & Subscription or Database Required
  • Support for Open Standards (OGC) Mapping Formats like GPKG , GeoJSON and MBTILES (no proprietary formats like TPKX, VTPK, MMPK)
  • Ready to go offline data (in-app purchase to unlock georequest AOI API with OpenStreetMap Vector Tiles, Contour Lines, Hillshade and other data)
  • Start building form right in the app (no need for a feature class schema) plus you can edit form design in the app. Share a form design with your co-workers and have them import it.
  • No Need to build Project file with desktop GIS Software like QGIS or Global Mapper (Input, QFIELD, Global Mapper Mobile)
  • Transactional data is handled separately than basemap and overlays
  • Quickly and Easily switch between forms and switch between geometry (points, lines, polygons)
  • Cloud Integration and WiFi Sharing
  • Integrated File Manager
  • In-app vector GIS Data conversion (SHP, KML, GPX, CSV, WKT, etc) to GeoJSON
  • Advanced Server-Side Conversion to GPKG, SHP, CAD, etc.
  • In-app Office document and PDF and Image/Photo Viewer
  • Bonus features like weather conditions/sunrise,sunset, elevation