Geo Data Collector iOS App

Release Notes:

Initial Feature Rich 1.0

Fast and flexible field data collection 

Geo Data Collector is an advanced field data collection mapping app

Flexible form designer and adhoc in-app form building

Supports saving data in GeoJSON and conversion to GeoPackage Vector Features and other formats coming soon.

Form design is a JSON file that’s easily shared and distributed to other users. Design form on our form builder webpage  or in the app 

This works completely offline (all data is stored locally in the app)

Does NOT Require any server-side database or ESRI featureserver or any API like OGC WFS-T to use this.  NO proprietary formats.

Supports capturing of Points, Lines or polygon geometry and Point Averaging and Point Offset

Rapidly switch between forms

Review collected data, edit collected data, delete a record, go to location on the map

Add photos from camera or from Photos/Gallery

Attribute table/grid with search for both collected data and user loaded data.

Advanced vector tile basemap with 11 styles to choose from (online/offline) including a Terrain/Topo style, 3D Building style (when tilted), Bright,Positron, Toner, DarkMatter and hybrid

Online raster tile basemaps from ESRI

Optional in-app purchase for Offline Map Data (to users area of interest)

  • OpenStreetMap Vector Tiles with more than 8 Stylesheets to choose from including Terrain/Topo Style
  • Contour Lines Vector Tiles
  • Hillshade Raster Tiles
  • Satellite Imagery Raster Tiles
  • GADM Boundary

Support for user loaded mapping data:

  • GPKG vector features (users can style their data also supports dynamic raster tiles generation for handling big data)
  • GeoJSON Vector GIS Data with attributes (users can style their data)
  • MBTILES – Raster tiles
  • MBTILES – Vector tiles (users can apply a style their data)
  • GPKG – Raster Tiles (EPSG:3857 web mercator only)
  • In-App Vector Data Converter – convert User Zipped Shapefile (WGS84), KML, GPX, CSV, WKT to GeoJSON

Vector Layers

Reference overlays that can be turned on and displayed on the map

Layer Display Order – to control the display of different data

Advanced Map Features:

Display Latitude and Longitude (MGRS and GARS GRIDS)

Display Magnetic Declination

Measure Linear and Area Distance

Spatial Bookmarks – Placemarks feature – save reference to a spot with notes

Advanced geolocation settings with follow (move the map) and follow with heading or course

Other capabilities:

Go to Coordinates – move the map to Lat Long or other coordinates

Coordinate Converter

Geolocation Sharing

Weather Conditions/Forecast

Sunrise/Sunset, Time, Timezone, Elevation

GPS Tracker/Recorder – record track and share as GPX or GeoJSON

Open Street Map Search (nominatim place names and addresses and overpass API for points of interests)


Settings to turn off coordinate box

File Manager 

Office File (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) Viewer, PDF Viewer, Image Viewer

Easily Upload and Download files via:

  • Cloud Integration (Dropbox and SugarSync) 
  • FTP Server  & WEBDAV servers 
  • WIFI Sharing – share content on your phone/tablet and even allow uploading of files via a webpage accessible on any device on the same network

Intuitive easy to use interface

Forms support (Text field, text area, select/drop down, number, date field, check box and radio button )

You can denote fields as required or optional

For select/drop down you can allow the user to support multiple selections.

No Need to build Project file with desktop GIS Software like QGIS or Global Mapper (Input, QFIELD, Global Mapper Mobile)

There is no vendor lockin as there is no Back-end Service or Database Required

Optimized for both iPhone and iPAD (Android and Windows versions planned)

We can Build custom Solutions to suit your needs and requirements and workflows