Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Device Compatibility (Platform)
Currently, this is an iPADOS-iPAD Tablets and iOS-IPHONE App available on the Apple App Store

We have plans but no release date for Windows and Android Versions

Offline Data Supported
Users can load the following formats:

  • MBTILES (SQLite database of maptiles) – Vector Tiles, Raster Tiles
  • GPKG (SQLite database) – Vector Features, Raster Tiles, Vector Tiles
  • GeoJSON – GIS Vector Data with attributes

You can use QGIS Desktop or OGR2OGR to convert your data to these formats

Or use our In-App Vector Converter for small files in 4326

Or our in-app purchase of Server-Side Vector Converter

Language Support
We currently only support English.  However, there is little text anywhere in the app it’s a mapping app so it can be used by any language.
Sharing Data
We have File Manager available on the main menu

This has Cloud Integration, WebDav Server, FTP Server and WiFi Sharing and Native iOS Share functions

External GNSS Receiver Support
Bluetooth/WiFi GNSS Receiver will work with the app we are reading and parsing the NMEA0183 Sentences and able to decipher the location and metadata information
Can I load a GeoTIFF, SID, JP2, ECW or GeoPDF?
No Raster Imagery is not supported

You need to build Raster Map Tiles in GPKG or MBTILES format

We only support EPSG: 3857 Google Spherical Web Mercator/Auxiliary Web Sphere for the Map Tiles

Use QGIS Desktop or GDAL command line (GDAL_TRANSLATE or + another script to package into database). MapTiler, GlobalMapper, Manifold and ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro.

What Projection/Spatial Reference is Collected data?
Collected data is in Geographic WGS84 (EPSG:4326)  

Data is stored in GeoJSON in Decimal Degree Coordinates

Users can request GeoPackage Vector Features, Shapefile, KML and other formats using our API that’s accessible from within the app.

Does the app support conditional logic and chained selects?

Not at this time

those features are logged as planned future enhancements

Does the app support related tables?

Not at this time

That features are logged as planned future enhancements

Can I load a ESRI FileGeodatabase, ESRI Mobile Geodatabase, ESRI PersonalGeodatabase, ESRI Shapefile?
No those formats are not supported.

The app supports GeoJSON and GPKG Vector features

Use Desktop GIS Software to convert these to GeoPackage Vector Features (ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, Global Mapper, Manifold, QGIS Desktop, UDIG, QVSIG) as well as command line GDAL OGR2OGR can be used.  

We recommend if you have big data and just want to use it as overlay on the map to build PBF Vector Tiles MBTILES.  This can be done via QGIS or command line Tippecanoe or OGR2OGR

Is an ESRI FeatureServer (Hosted Feature Service) required?
NO, No back-end ESRI FeatureServer is required

No back-end database is required

However, if you have ArcGIS Online/AGOL or ArcGIS Enterprise/Server/Portal we can sync to featureserver using the APPEND REST API.

Is a back-end database required?
NO, no back-end database is required

However, if you have PostgreSQL/PostGIS, MySQL we can append records to it/Sync data

What formats are supported in File Manager?
Microsoft Office Formats:

Word Doc Docx


PowerPoint Ppt, pptx

Adobe Reader PDF

Imagery Formats – JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, TIF, BMP

Media (photos)
The app supports linking photos from camera and gallery to recorded form entries
Online Basemap options
The default basemap is Open Street Map Vector Tiles with Topo Style

Users can change the style

In addition, raster tile basemaps are also available from ESRI and MapBox and Thunderforest

Offline basemap options
If you’ve purchased the in-app GeoRequest Area of Interest Option then you get 

  • Open Street Map Vector Tiles
  • Contour Lines Vector Tiles
  • Hillshade Raster Tiles
  • Low Resolution Satellite Raster Tiles
  • GADM Boundaries

Otherwise, you can load your own MBTILES and GPKG Raster Tiles

Can I order custom features and capabilities?
Yes, we can build custom versions to suit your needs as well as we are selling licensing for white labeled distribution and source code deals. 
Can I create Reports from the collected data?
No at in this initial version 

However, we are planning a back-end as a service as AWS/AZURE/GC Marketplace Account that will have database, dashboard, map, QA/QC Environment and Reporting module.

Please contact us for specific requests we can generally help create custom reports using python and other code to meet your needs and output as PDF.

Can I collect non spatial data/location?
Yes, this can be used to collect any form data. Just click on the map any random location or your geolocation and ignore that information. 
We can export to SQLite GPKG-GeoPackage format and CSV, Excel so it makes it easy to integrate into other software and reporting
Can I Import in existing GIS data tied to a form?

This is a planned feature for 1.1 version that’s planned for May 2022

You will be able to import in GPKG, SHP, GeoJSON of already collected data and connect that to your form (field matching)